Identify SiC Arresters

Follow these guidelines to identify old Porcelain Housed SiC Arresters.

    1. Color

      If the porcelain is brown and located in the U.S., it likely is a SiC arrester. A closer inspection is warranted. If the color of the porcelain is gray and the date on the nameplate is earlier than 1987 then could be a SiC arrester.


    2. Size Height

      If the arrester is as tall or taller than the transformer bushing it is next to, it is most likely a SiC Arrester.


    3. Manufacturing Date

      If it was manufactured before 1977, it will be a SiC arrester If it is manufactured between 1977-1987 it is possibly a SiC type arrester and warrants a closer look.


    4. If the name on the nameplate is as follows, it will be a SiC arrester:


McGraw Edison and Line Material Type G, Type F, Type SS, Type E , Type RP and RP2Ohio BrassThorex Arrester, Dynagap, Multirester, Type DAIII and Type DAIVGE Thyrite Arrester, Alugard

Westinghouse Surgemaster, Type CPL, Type SV, SV, LVBB, Autovalve

Joslyn Type Q, Type J, Type RS